2 thoughts on “A sketch a day: lichen

  1. Gayle

    I love your work. I’m just a beginner in drawing and painting. I would prefer to use colored pencils but not the ones I have been working with as they don’t color over other colors. Are prismas, don’t know I spelled it right, capable of doing that? Which colored poo pencils would you recommend

    1. Yelena Shabrova Post author

      Thank you for kind words, Gayle. I think you are talking about Prismacolor pencils. They indeed can color over other colors if you follow a few rules:

      – generally, go light to dark colors
      – you can lighten darks with putting a lighter color over it, but only to some limited degree
      – do not apply pressure until to get to the end of the process, Prismacolor and any other wax-based colored pencils give you a slippery surface when pressed into the paper, so no more color will stick to it, dark or light


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