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March 5, 2010 sketch

Posted by Yelena Shabrova

March 5, 2010 sketch - 4x6, ink

4″ x 6″, ink *SOLD*

This is a quick study for a horse head that will be done in pastel pencil. I like the shape of the head in the reference photo, but it lacks contrast terribly. And the horse is milky-gray which does not help :) The sketch is my attempt to place the darks where I believe they should be.

January 6, 2010 sketch

Posted by Yelena Shabrova

Trees (or something like that) - 4 x 6 - pastel pencil, China marker

4″ x 6″, pastel pencil, China marker *SOLD*

Today’s small discovery: China marker works way better as a highlight preserver than white charcoal or pastel (I made trunks and branches with it). Also, some Dervent pastel pencils of earthy variety act more like colored pencils then pastel. Since this sketch was done mainly by blending colors with a dry brush, the second discovery was not pleasant. Moral: test on scrap paper first (yeah, fresh idea, I know).

January 5, 2010 sketch

Posted by Yelena Shabrova

January 5, 2010 sketch - 6x4, charcoal

6″ x 4″, charcoal *SOLD*

I wanted to see how Prismacolor charcoal pencils will play with the mysterious cardstock that I got at Michaels long time ago. I say”mysterious” because the package is long gone, and I have no idea what the brand is. It turned out better than I expected – apparently, the paper is quite durable and allows for many layers of blending and crosshatching.