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AVArtFest 2009

Posted by Yelena Shabrova

The festival moved to the Pioneer Memorial Park, Mountain View this year. It’s a smaller place than the grounds of the Triton Museum (or so it looked to me), but the park is right next to downtown Mountain View – a place that is more popular than Triton. No, seriously, many people have no idea what the Triton Museum is or even that Santa Clara has an art museum.

Fine Arts League of Cupertino and Campbell Artists’ Guild, two clubs to which I belong, were sharing a lawn at the edge of the park. I was showing with FALC and chatting with CAG friends too – nice!

Kushlani Hall only brought her jewelry; no encaustics, no oils or oil pastels. Her jewelry was gorgeous, of course.

Saw the finished piece that Holly Van Hart was doing at the FALC demo in May. It’s changed a lot, and I still liked it very much. She also had a larger painting similar to that one, and they complimented each other nicely, hanging on the same panel.

Haven’t seen what Donna Orme was doing for almost a year, so it was a special pleasure to stop by her display. I am yet to see a single monoprint of hers that I didn’t like. I can’t even pick a favorite because if I turn my head and look again I’ll change my mind. Her work is that awesome.

Found some great new art that I haven’t seen before: graceful watercolors by Cheryl Kampe and dreamy acrylics by Nance Wheeler.

Silicon Valley Open Studios 2009, weekend 3

Posted by Yelena Shabrova

The third weekend was the quietest out of all three. There were almost no visitors, very few people even walked by. Maybe it was the heat, maybe something more interesting was going on in the neighborhood, maybe we didn’t do enough to promote the event.

Slava and me were showing at the Great American Framing. Marsha Sims, Kathy Sartain, Cathy Zander from the 1st SVOS weekend at Community School of Music and Arts were here again, and I met other artists that I don’t remember seeing before: Lei Min and Linda Salter.

Lei’s oils are beautiful and energetic. She used to do commission portraits and showed me an prospect from her solo exhibit with awesome portraits of Taiwan, Philippine, and Malaysia prominent figures and of their family members.

Linda Salter paints and draws many different subjects: great portraits, still life, figure drawings, landscapes. She seems to work in every medium available – oil, watercolor, graphite pencil, pastel, ink – and always experimenting. She was doing nice small ink drawings while in the gallery. Made me want to pick up my ink and brushes again.

We still had some guests, some good conversations with them and with each other, and I saw the local University Arts store for the first time. To say that I was impressed would be an understatement. It’s huge, it’s full of great stuff, and what I can’t or won’t use myself is still fascinating to look at. I am not going to their San Jose store, ever.

Got my horse photos, thanks Irina!

Silicon Valley Open Studios 2009, weekend 2

Posted by Yelena Shabrova

This time the weather was certainly better then during the last weekend – not too hot, not too cold, with a nice breeze. Both Slava and me were showing in the backyard of the Nina Uppaluru’s house. Iona Ezaki, Janki Chokshi, and Rajiv Khilnani kept us company.

Don’t think I saw Rajiv’s abstracts on paper before – they are awesome. He also brought my favorite acrylic one, and the big acrylic that he had on the easel next to his booth was pretty good too. The fact that acrylics can be put in direct sun and still survive makes me slightly envious. I kept my pieces in the shade at all times.

Nina said the first visitor came at 7:30 am in the morning, and there were more early visitors while we still were setting up. Nina’s gorgeous Japanese Shiba (I keep forgetting her name) was in dog heaven, enjoying attention from new people and closely following some of those who seemed to be interested in art more than in her.

Two nice horse ladies brought good news that the racecourse in Pleasanton is to become a replacement for now defunct Bay Meadows. I suppose they are going to improve it and make the season longer than current 20 racing days or so during the Alameda County Fair. Exciting! Would be even better if a harness racing track materialized nearby, but chances of that happening are nill. I will gladly take Thoroughbred races as the next best thing.

Another very nice lady offered to send me horse photos as a reference for my work, free of charge. She showed them to me on her camera – head shots of pretty sport horses from Mozhaisk, Russia. Yay!

Silicon Valley Open Studios 2009, weekend 1

Posted by Yelena Shabrova

This weekend was the first time that Slava and me participated in SVOS as artists. Slava was at the Great American Framing Co & Gallery in Palo Alto (why or why don’t they have a website?), and I was at the courtyard of the Community School of Music and Arts along with Kathy Sartain, Marsha Sims, Cathy Zander, Kushlani Hall, and others. Apparently, Kushlani is in KALEID too – need to find her display there next time I go change my artworks.

When we were getting familiar with the place a couple of weeks ago, Kathy Zander said that Mother Nature always knows when there is going to be an art show and turns the wind on. It was very windy then, but this weekend Mother Nature decided to be creative and added rain to it. We were setting up under the drizzle and occasional big drops, with a wind gust here and there. Nothing too bad, but not exactly a weather that makes people want to go outside to see some art.

Still, we had quite a few guests, some with kids who were going to or from CSMA classes. Many of those kids love horses (yes, they are girls mostly, but there were two boys too). Kushlani’s daughter is a horse person herself, and she and her brother draw. Lucky Kushlani. My kids don’t touch art stuff at all.

Kids are hilarious. Watching them and just enjoying it was one of the best parts of the show. One boy was shouting today after all wondering around the courtyard, “What? Are we leaving already?!!” Another one discussed drawing horses with me – I think he was about 8 or 9. Very serious, no smiles.

I finally got to see what Kathy Sartain does – it’s glass mosaics, very beautiful. Marsha Sims’ photographs are great, especially the double rainbow and the rock sliding in your face (well, it gives that feeling that it keeps sliding towards you because of the tracks behind and the angle of the shot – absolutely awesome).

Kushlani painted her daughter from a photo today – a light figure walking into the darkness. She didn’t have time to finish it of course, but I really liked how it was turning out. And she had some kid for a company half of the time. She is doing oil, oil pastel, encaustic art, pretty jewelry, and she’s pretty good at all of it.

All I mastered when there were no visitors in the booth or around was 1.5 sketches. I can’t draw and converse at the same time.

Silicon Valley Open Studios, May 2009

Posted by Yelena Shabrova

Silicon Valley Open Studios come early this year! Stop by to see my new art at the following sites during the first three weekends of May, 2009:

May 2 – 3, Site 140:
Community School of Music and Arts
230 San Antonio Circle, Mountain View, CA 94040-1276

May 9 – 10, Site 179:
Columbus Group
21471 Columbus Avenue, Cupertino, CA 95014-4972

May 16 – 17, Site 61:
Great American Framing
229 Hamilton Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94301

You can find maps for all these locations on the SVOS website.

Spring Fever Exhibit at the Cupertino Library

Posted by Yelena Shabrova

New Spring I and New Spring II will be part of the inaugural Art Wall Display with the theme “Spring Fever.”

Of the 25 FALC members with more than 50 artworks, 8 artists were chosen, and 11 pieces will be shown from March 31 till June 30, 2009.

Reception: Friday, April 3, 7:00-9:00 p.m.

Address: 10800 Torre Avenue Cupertino, CA 95014

More information:


"From the Heart" exhibit with FALC, 2/1/2009 till 2/28/2009

Posted by Yelena Shabrova

Two artworks on display at Main Street Cafe as a part of the group exhibit “From the Heart” organized by Fine Art League of Cupertino: Plum Blossoms in Los Gatos Creek Park and a new one, Mom & Son.

The exhibit is from February 1 till February 28, 2009.

Reception: Thursday, February 12, 6-7:30pm

Address: 134 Main Street, Los Altos, CA 94022

Hours: Monday – Saturday: 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Sunday: 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Yelena Shabrova ~ Plum Blossoms in Los Gatos Creek Park ~ Prismacolor colored pencil on Bristol paper, 16" x 20"

Plum Blossoms in Los Gatos Creek Park ~ Prismacolor colored pencil on Bristol paper, 16″ x 20″

Mom & Son - charcoal on colored paper, 20" x 16"

Mom & Son – charcoal on colored paper, 20″ x 16″