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ARTSHIFT San Jose » Blog Archive » Robert Mapplethorpe: Portraits

Posted by Yelena Shabrova

This arrived in my feedreader after the show was over, but what a great review. That the first image in the article is of Iggy Pop is an icing on the cake.

Robert Mapplethorpe - Iggy Pop, 1981 Gelatin-silver print 14" x 17 5/8"
Robert Mapplethorpe – Iggy Pop, 1981 Gelatin-silver print 14″ x 17 5/8″

The show itself was wonderful.

ARTSHIFT San Jose » Blog Archive » Robert Mapplethorpe: Portraits

San Jose Museum of Art still have two short videos on their web site about Robert Mapplethorne and his portraits in case you missed the show.

Winter 2011 – a new wonderful series from Linda Plaisted

Posted by Yelena Shabrova

I am a big fan of Linda’s art and have to say that her every series of photos have a meaning to me, but this one is very special. These images have an eery (in a good way) feeling to them, with details disappearing as if in the dusk, sky looking like it is going to snow heavily any time, and silhouettes that leave a lot to imagination.

Linda Plaisted - Dark Horse
Linda Plaisted – Dark Horse

Linda Plaisted – Winter 2011

Photography Today at PAL

Posted by Yelena Shabrova

Pacific Art League has a photography only exhibition this month – Photography Today.

What caught my eye was all black and white photographs: Remnant by Bill Moy, Parched Earth 1 and Parched Earth 2 by Meggi Raeder, and Brothers Play Go by Hiroshi Suzuki. Couldn’t find the last photo anywhere online.

On a photography-related note, Modernbook Gallery left Palo Alto for San Francisco. When I saw their place closed and disarranged I thought they were gone for good. Apparently all is not lost, but it’s sad to see that the Palo Alto Art Walk got shorter.

Ragnar Axelsson

Posted by Yelena Shabrova

Someone mentioned Ragnar’s work to me and shared a link to his gallery. It turned out to be a whole world of images like no others. Just look at these stunning photographs!

Sadly, the web site had almost no information on the photographer himself, and it took some googling to learn about the man behind the camera: – interview with Ragnar Axelsson
Showcase: Black and Very White

Julie Kitzenberger and Don Dahlke at the Stone Griffin Gallery

Posted by Yelena Shabrova

We went to the Stone Griffin Gallery in Campbell to see what Julie Kitzenberger had there. I really like her photography. Apparently, the gallery moved across the street since last time we were there and is now a much smaller place. It’s a bit crowded too, with a stack (or stacks?) of paintings by the right wall. Julie’s photos on canvases were placed nicely and prominently on a separate panel in the middle of the room. Good for her! My favorites from the gallery:

Lake Berryessa Fire Smokes Yosemite Valley   Carmel Colored Beach

Another artist whose work caught my attention was Don Dahlke – a series of open windows with fretted tropical tree shadows. His paintings have a convincing three-dimensional quality, to the point that I wanted to look inside the windows and see what’s hiding there. And then there were shadows that looked like they were about to move in a gentle breeze. Very nice effect:


In the front window, there were several really tiny canvases on miniature black wooden easels. They were maybe 3″ x 5″; I don’t remember the name of the artist. Those canvases got me thinking: would it be possible to draw on a primed canvas with colored pencils? If the canvas is small, it probably would not sag under the pressure… Need to try that.