David Middlebrook – The Nature of Things

Posted by Yelena Shabrova

Today’s unplanned visit to the Triton Museum of Art turned out great. I saw David Middlebrook’s sculptures live for the first time and can say that no pictures can do his work justice. You have to be in their presence to fully appreciate them.

The exhibit will be open till December 5. Stop by if you can, there is a lot to see and enjoy.

The images below show some of David’s sculptures that are part of the exhibit at Triton. Not all of them were taken at the museum – some Triton photos didn’t have enough details in them. Still want a better image of “Apparition.”

David Middlebrook - Apparition

David Middlebrook - Heirloom

Nature’s Revenge

David Middlebrook - The Tides that Bind
The Tides that Bind

David Middlebrook - Collision Course
Collision Course

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