Julie Kitzenberger and Don Dahlke at the Stone Griffin Gallery

Posted by Yelena Shabrova

We went to the Stone Griffin Gallery in Campbell to see what Julie Kitzenberger had there. I really like her photography. Apparently, the gallery moved across the street since last time we were there and is now a much smaller place. It’s a bit crowded too, with a stack (or stacks?) of paintings by the right wall. Julie’s photos on canvases were placed nicely and prominently on a separate panel in the middle of the room. Good for her! My favorites from the gallery:

Lake Berryessa Fire Smokes Yosemite Valley   Carmel Colored Beach

Another artist whose work caught my attention was Don Dahlke – a series of open windows with fretted tropical tree shadows. His paintings have a convincing three-dimensional quality, to the point that I wanted to look inside the windows and see what’s hiding there. And then there were shadows that looked like they were about to move in a gentle breeze. Very nice effect:


In the front window, there were several really tiny canvases on miniature black wooden easels. They were maybe 3″ x 5″; I don’t remember the name of the artist. Those canvases got me thinking: would it be possible to draw on a primed canvas with colored pencils? If the canvas is small, it probably would not sag under the pressure… Need to try that.

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