Silicon Valley Open Studios 2010, weekend 3

Posted by Yelena Shabrova

This last weekend of SVOS was very quiet and relaxed until the end of Sunday. It was understandable since the Los Altos Rotary Art Show was held not far from us. We really need to learn how to choose the farthest SVOS site from popular events like this one! It was all the more interesting to see people coming in groups after 3 p.m., and not all of them were even aware of the Los Altos show.

Angela Sanders‘s garden was a beautiful place to showcase art. She has interesting stories about almost everything that grows there, but I don’t remember names of anything except for the octopus plant. That could be because it’s a very simple name, or because the name suits the plant so well, or because of all abstract shapes that the plant created with shadows and highlights in his leaves through the day. It was a feast of green shades of abstract going on for two days right next to my booth. I now have a nice gallery of close-ups dedicated to the octopus plant alone. The giant bird of paradise (whose leaves look just like a banana palm) is a close second in my photo collection. I must add that the rest of Angela’s garden is really spectacular and was carefully photographed too.

Angela and April Maiten both are mosaic artists. Angela creates beautiful tables, garden sculpture, murals, and smaller hanging pieces. She is very eager to show how things are made, and it was a great pleasure to learn what she does and how she does it. She has this impressive mural on the wall of her studio, above the potting table with all her pets in it:

Angela Sanders. The Potting Table
Angela Sanders. The Potting Table

April works smaller and incorporates all sorts of unusual things in her mosaics, from motherboards to antique tools. One was so strange, none of us could figure what it actually was. April was told that it was a hoof knife, but the thing looked anything but that. She had this absolute gem of art on display, it just radiates warmth from within:

April Maiten. Red Burst
April Maiten. Red Burst

Next to Slava was another landscape photographer, Scott Schilling. Interesting how the two of them ended up side by side and away from the rest of other artists :)

There was a family who came all the way from Half Moon Bay to see my horses. They said that my little foal looked just like their filly, that was funny. They have 7 horses themselves, and it was a real pleasure to talk to them. And their daughter who is the same age as ours is an artist – that’s amazing. I could only wish… ah, never mind.

I was hoping to complete another miniature canvas, but all that leisuring around in the beautiful garden and fine weather did no good to my productivity, and I never moved past the initial sketch.

All in all, a nice weekend, and thank you everybody who came to enjoy art and support the artists!

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