Silicon Valley Open Studios, 2010, weekend 2

One pleasant side effect of SVOS is that you get to know artists that you would not meet otherwise. This time it were our host, Sally Rayn and Amanda Krauss. Sally creates very bright, colorful abstractions, but I was more drawn to her black and white works. Amanda is an avid birder and it reflects in her art. There was an owl hooting before the sunset on Saturday, and I meant to ask Amanda which one it was (she would surely know!) and managed to forget all about it between talks to those who came to see my art.

I met Nance Wheeler before, probably at the last year’s AVArtFest; didn’t recognize her name at first, but she paints one of a kind, very distinctive waterscapes that refreshed my memory as soon I saw them.

We had a lot of fun talking to each other and to visitors on Saturday. A special thanks to all of you horse people for sharing your stories; it’s almost like being to the barns and trails again.

Sunday was a complete opposite to the day before. It was raining heavily in the morning, and the air was so dump that we didn’t risk to bring out pieces out. Surely paper would not take it well. Even Sally kept her acrylics indoor. The fog and raindrops everywhere were beautiful though. Wonderful weather, just not good for an outdoor show. And hopefully I got a few nice reference shots for the future. We left canopies on the front lawn in hopes that maybe the rain stops and the wind dries them up and left. They were still wet when we came back to pack, and someone left grass blades on my folding table inside the canopy. I didn’t see any tracks, but if it was indeed someone and not the wind, that someone was at jumping. The table was not touching anything suitable for climbing.

One thing that I figured out during this weekend: I am not fond of driving the mountain roads. As beautiful as Sally’s place is, it’s good to know that the next weekend it will be a shorter and less curvy drive. And Google has a really funny idea of where Sally lives and how to better get there. The very first time I ended up in the middle of the local neighborhood, with a dead end on the right and a private drive on the right. If not for the kind strangers who lived there I would probably went all the way back to Hwy 84 and then drove to Skyline without ever leaving it.

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