Commission a Custom Drawing for Yourself or as a Gift

My primary subjects for commission portraits are horses, but I gladly accept any type of commission, especially if it offers an opportunity to show the character of the subject. I firmly believe that everybody has their own unique personality that deserves being captured.

Let me turn memories of those who matter the most in your life into the everlasting drawing. I can help you to celebrate their beauty and personality by creating a unique portrait in several different media: graphite, colored pencil, pastel pencil, oil pastel, pen and ink.

If you are already familiar with how commissions work, feel free to skip to the commission request form


All commission portraits are created from photographs. For the best results, please make sure that the photograph is no smaller than 4″ x 6″ if it is a printed photo or 800px x 1024px if it is a digital image. Anything less will not provide me with enough details to ensure a high quality of the finished artwork. Shots taken relatively close and at the eye level work best of all. You are welcome to send several photos and indicate which pose you want for the portrait. It would also help me to better reflect the horse’s personality if you tell me a little about him.

Photos can be emailed or sent by postal mail on a CD or on paper. Mailed photos will be returned upon request. If you are going to send photos as email attachments, please check the total size of attached files; it should not exceed 2 Mb. Feel free to contact me if you are not sure about how to send your photos. If photos you’ve sent don’t provide enough details, working on a portrait may take longer. In this case I will contact you to discuss possible options.


Sample prices for commission drawings are shown below. For bigger sizes or other types of commissions please contact me to discuss details.

Graphite Charcoal Pastel Pencil Colored Pencil Pen & Ink
4″ x 6″$52$62$84$135$142
5″ x 7″$86$92$122$196$208
8″ x 10″$198$210$280$448$472
11″ x 14″$385$410$342$865 $910

You will receive a 30% discount off any of the above prices if you are willing to grant me the right to sell prints of the commissioned artwork.

These prices are for one pet or person only. For every additional pet or person add 30% to any price above. Detailed backgrounds may incur additional cost. Prices don’t include shipping and handling which vary depending on the size of the portrait, your location, and shipping options you prefer.


Once I receive your photos and see that their quality is good enough, we’ll sign a property release and a contract that defines the details of the commissioned work, its price, and the time line. A 50% retainer is required before I start to work on the commission portrait.

Completing a commission takes from two to eight weeks starting with the date when I receive the photos, signed contract, and retainer. The remaining part of the cost is due before the artwork is shipped to you.

You can pay with a check, money order, or through PayPal (using your PayPal account or a credit card). If you prefer the PayPal option, I will send you the link to my payment page once we agree on the details and cost of the commission.

Usually I pack and ship a finished commission in 1-2 days after a final payment is received. Click here for shipping options and return policies.

See Examples of my Commissions

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