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  1. I came here following your comment in Jeanette Jobson’s blog, it was so wise. And found beautiful art. And thank you for great links.

  2. Thank you for your kind words, Irina. Glad you liked it around here. What I posted on Jeanette’s blog is merely what works for me. Most of my work require a considerable amount of time to create, so I try my best to cut off outside irritants over which I have no control. There is never enough time in the day to create all that I want, you know 🙂 I do understand the need to vent and do not dismiss it my any means. If it helps others – great, but I always wonder if a momentary relief was worth the time spent on the rant.

    Love your sketches, Irina. I just came back from Moscow two weeks ago, nice to see places I walked as drawn by you 🙂 It’s been decades since I was drawing on the streets 😀 Will need more time to go through the rest of your blog.

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