A new miniature and a rather unpleasant discovery

Miniature - colored pencil on canvas, 3.5" x 2.5"

colored pencil on canvas, 3.5″ x 2.5″

That’s the pleasant part, always good to finish even a little piece. Now, the unpleasant one: this miniature, like the previous two, was done on a digital canvas, and apparently it has a shorter patience with multiple layers of color than a traditional canvas does. In the process of “thinking” about earth colors right on the canvas I found out that I better make up my mind quicker, or the color will start to chip off. It didn’t really come to chipping off, but from my previous experience with paper I know the feeling that the pencil gives you right before the surface gives up. That’s a little disappointing, or maybe it’s a good opportunity to learn how to be more decisive.

11 thoughts on “A new miniature and a rather unpleasant discovery”

  1. Thanks 🙂 A digital canvas is what Slava prints on, a surface not exactly meant for a colored pencil or any other traditional media 😀 If you remember his big print with sunlit oaks (Lace of Shadows) at th Fall Fest last year – that was digital canvas.

  2. No, to experimental surfaces 🙂 The mini canvases they sell have no support in the middle, makes it hard to press with a pencil there. And since we have a roll of digital canvas, Slava suggested to use that instead. He stretches them on pieces of wood, and the result is much better than not always rectangular things that I get from Aaron Brothers or University Art.

  3. Well, expanding always involves both fun and frustration. When I started to work on Yupo and Tyvek I had both, with the latter taking over. Eventually, the fun wins over.

  4. Thanks! Never tried dry media on Tyvek. I doubt it will axcept dry media, as it has no tooth whatsoever (yes, it quite similar to Yupo). even if it did, they’ll probably scratch the surface.

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