Explorer goes to print

Just learned that one of my pieces in the Bay Area Wildlife art show, Explorer, was featured in The Epoch Times newspaper. Nice surprise. Thanks Teresa Silvestri for letting me know! The Epoch Times, October 2-8, 2014 (PDF) The original ($190.00), greeting cards, and prints are available in my online shop as a part of […]


Squirrels are our little chatty neighbors who dig out everything I ever tried to plant in the patio. Even garlic is not safe with them. I would never believe that a squirrel can be interested in garlic cloves if I hadn’t seen with my own eyes how a squirrel hurries up a tree with a […]

Furry explorer

Raccoons are adorable as long as you do not stand between them and what they think is their food or keep a healthy distance from them in general. I imagine gardeners don’t appreciate living side by side with them, but not being one I enjoy every encounter, be it in the wilderness or in the […]